SDFC 42″ White Cherry Beech Decor Fan (S3D)/WHCB

Earth tones depicts the shades in nature, and they’re warm and inviting colours. By drawing colours from palette of browns and tans, these colour schemes are muted and flat which provides a sense of relaxation. Resembling the moon, SDFC’s tri-tone lighting fills the ambience with serenity. Toggle around the three lighting tones- Warm, day and white to suit your everyday needs! With sizes suitable for both your living and dining area, be prepared to luxuriate in cooling days ahead!

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Like the fresh buds that just bloom, SDFC carries a charisma that you wouldn’t forget. Driven with an energy efficient, high performance DC motor, it brings you immense joy and comfort with the delightful cooling experience that is second to none 🤩

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White Cherry Beech

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42 inches