AH37 60″ White Parquet Decor Fan (T5F)/WHPR

Embrace in the luxury of bold and edgy glamour with our latest release, AH37! Utilising the concept of Hydro Adverse Wing Kinetics, AH37 generates higher air velocity within your living space. It is equipped with a strong energy efficient DC motor that has up to 7 preset wind settings, which develops strong and consistent wind breeze during its operation! From its chic, timeless appearance to its exhale-inducing feel, there’s a whole lot to love about this modern beauty!

$2,132.00 $1,248.00

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Decor Fan Singapore believe the art to making powerful fans is in using premium sturdy materials - carefully sourced from different parts of the world, lots of innovation and a sincere passion for the assembly. Our decorative fans are thoughtfully curated, with a sweet spot between functionality and aesthetics, to bring complete your home 🏡

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Get this versatile Decor Fan that pops in 4 essential colour choices and let your imagination roam free, your home is your canvas! Obtain maximum airflow from the 2 different sizes ✨

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White Parquet

Light Option

With Light


60 Inches