Dark Wood Ceiling Fans | What’s The Difference?

‘I want a dark wood ceiling fan!’How many of you, when saying this, envisioned a picture of a wooden fan in your head and be like ‘Ok this is what I want’. But when you get down to do some serious shopping, you are bombarded with different shades of dark wood? While there are plenty of dark wood ceiling fans available, did you know that there are different variations, ranging from material, grains and texture? Let’s get into detail, so the next time you do your shopping, you will know exactly what you want! Dark Oak Concerned about having real…

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5 Designer Ceiling Fans for Different Home Decor

Home is a reflection of your personality and taste. Even when you have spent all the time you have to decide on the interior to go for that might stay with you for the rest of your lives, shopping for the perfect furniture to go along with what you have envisioned seems like a bugger. To keep things simple, we have chosen 5 different designer ceiling fans that is popular among homeowners with different interior needs, go ahead and read on! 1. Modern Emphasizing on fewer curves and more clean horizontal and vertical lines, the modern interior consists of elements…

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myths about ceiling fan

True or False: 4 Common Ceiling Fan Myths

As a homeowner, many a time we are thrown with rules and advices when making purchases for our new house. ‘Oh you should buy this’ ‘You shouldn’t get that’, the list goes on and on..However, despite what you may have heard, some of these ‘friendly advices’ consists of misconceptions that has been passed around from one person to another, sometimes even without them experiencing it first hand. Likewise, there are a handful of myths surrounding ceiling fans, like it’s not worth the money spent or that it is not safe to install one. Here are 4 common myths about ceiling…

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