SDVE 40″ White Decor Fan (NLO)/WHWH

Inspired by colours we find in nature, SDVE blends in effortlessly into both modern and traditional interior due to its versatility and beauty. Enjoy plenty nights of undisturbed sleep with SDVE’s silent and energy saving DC motor, together with six preset settings of windspeed to choose from! Available in a variety of sizes to cater to your designated area, SDVE is here to bring your love for wood to another level.

$700.00 $500.00

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While more blades can generate more air flow, they can also create a stronger air resistance. So whether you have three blades or five, it really doesn’t affect the breeze strength of your ceiling fan that much. So choose the number of blades based on your aesthetic preferences✨

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Ever since ceiling fans have been invented, they have come along way in not only their function and efficiency, but also in their style. Be sure to find a variety of styles and sizes at Decor Fan that can complement your different interiors! 🙂

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