We all know how tempting it is to switch on the aircon especially with Singapore’s hot and humid weather. Not to mention that its average temperature reaches up to 34 degrees, making it unbearable for people to leave their homes.

Needless to say, switching on the aircon sounds like the ultimate and fastest solution to this hot weather. Not only does it introduce cold air to the room, it also provides better air quality through circulating and filtering air which will help remove pollutants. Thus, reducing the chances of triggering people with asthma and allergy attacks. 

However, switching on the aircon is just a temporary solution due to its expensive cost and high energy consumption levels. In addition, staying in aircon for long periods of time may cause skin dryness, aggravation of respiratory problems, infections and allergies.

Ceiling fans on the other hand, work differently from aircons. Instead of introducing cold air to the room, ceiling fans circulate hot air up and cool air down. Without a doubt, ceiling fans beat air-conditioners in terms of power consumption and cost such that an air-conditioner uses about 3,500 watts while a ceiling fan uses only 15 to 95 watts, depending on its size and speed. Even with a few fans switched on at maximum speed, ceiling fans will still be using lesser electricity.

So… How does a ceiling fan fare as compared to an aircon?

But are we encouraging you to completely ditch the aircon and let ceiling fans do all the work? No! In fact, both the former and latter works the best when used together. Pro tip: Turn on the aircon for at least an hour before you sleep, turn it off when it’s bedtime and let ceiling fans continue the job for you. Not only does these steps effectively keeps the room cold throughout the night, you’re also making a difference in your electrical bills in the long run.

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