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APRX 42″ Prototype Black Decor Fan (L3D)/BLBL

The all new APRX features 3 way switching energy efficient 60W LED lighting, integrated with an inbuilt smart air purifying system.

Ideal for dining rooms, and environment with high cleanliness standards, the APRX utilises a built in PM 2.5 sensor to monitor air quality before filtering formaldehydes, dust particles, virus substances and PM 2.5 particles.

The APRX is further equipped with a five stage SGS approved purification system, consisting of a primary filter, electrostatic filter, activated carbon filter, HEPA Filter, and UV Ion Filter to filter off virus, dust particles and other substances.

An optional 3 speed circulator fan on top further provides a gentle and cooling draft of air to cater to a hot climate environment when necessary. Get yours and achieve a cleaner environment today!

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